Dive Spots Rodrigues

Rodrigues East

The Aquarium, 7 metres
This site is a natural pool found in the lagoon, a great place for photographers to snap pictures of Trumpet Fish, Parrot Fish, Red Mullets, Clown Fish, Diodons and anemones. Sometimes the rare fish Ghost Fish, Leaf Fish, and Dragon Fish are also spotted.

The Ballad of Demoiselles, 4 metres 50
This is an ideal site for beginners, where you can dive on fields of anemones and Spy Clown fish, Flying Pirates, Sturgeons, Soles, and Fish Trumpets among others.

The Sec of the Turtles, 31 metres
An enticing dive with dry coral, with caves,  and tunnels where you can find green turtles and Carretta, Platax, Tropical Gray Sauces, Huge Parrots and even glimpse small sharks. The starfish will approach to play with the bubbles! Take a drift dive to observe the underwater fauna.

The Basilica, 25 metres
A wonderful site reminiscent of a church with its chimneys swept with beams of light, where you will find several species of groupers.

Karlanne, 21 metres
A spectacular spot where you will across a multitude of species of tropical fish. The immense plates of coral guard clusters of Balist Clown fish, Butterfly fish, Picasso fish and much more.

Camelerou, 19 metres
As you descend into the crystal clear waters you will come across the spectacular Mérou (Plectropomus Punctatus) which is able to change colour instantaneously. Its habitat contains magnificent giant totems and splendid tables of intact coral surrounded by innumerable multicoloured fish. Towards the surface, you may come across some pelagic fish.

Rodrigues South

Trou aux Pirates
A beautifully preserved site with spectacular hard corals and huge fans providing the backdrop to Barracudas, Stingrays, Sharks, Tunas and Kingfishes.

A small coral garden, with many attractions that is shallow and easy to access. You will come across traditional reef fishes but also other rare species like the Leaf fish or the famous “inimicus” Scorpionfish, which can walk on its pelvic fins. The field of sea anemones with vivid red trunks and long tentacles shelter “Domino” Damselfishes, and Blue Kingfishes.

The following MAY be in the South but I’m not sure

The Canyon, 17 metres
A great dive for the more experienced divers; the dive starts in the lagoon and takes you through a canyon that goes under the barrier reef, with caves, fireplaces and rooms. You will find Groupers, Moray Eels, and Lobsters and the dive ends in a stunning coral garden.

Two Houses, 28 metres
A trip that takes you through mounds, valleys, and totems of corals which are ideal habitats for the plethora of tropical fish and crustaceans that you will come across.

Sandrava 20 metres
Here you will find open corridors leading you into the lagoon. These coral paths lead into an immense room with many small caves, whose pierced ceilings create a wondrous lighting effect.

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