MSDA: Mauritius Scuba Diving Association

Following the development of tourism activity and the tourist attraction that Mauritius represents, the need for a diving organisation arose. Thus, always under the guidance of MUG and twelve diving centers, the Federation of Mauritius Diving MSDA (Mauritian Scuba Diving Association) was born. Affiliated to the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS), UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, the U. I.C.N. (Union For the Conservation of Nature) and the United World Games, Licenses provided by MSDA are international.

Since its inception, the federation has been very active in the national and international plans. In 2001, fourteen Mauritian doctors are trained in diving and hyperbaric medicine in collaboration with the Faculty of Lille (France) and the Association Reunion Underwater Medicine (ARESUB). A few years ago, the MSDA obtained the Special Jury Prize at the Concours Grand Prix International Environmental Marino UNESCO Paris for its record on artificial reefs made in collaboration with the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society. More recently, a Mixed Gas Commission as well as first aid courses patented by the state were established. Since 2006, the revision of safety courses and exams coaching in Nitrox were organized. To date, three centre affiliates offer Nitro Dives.

A Dive centre affiliated with the MSDA guarantees more security.

Today, the MSDA groups 43 diving centres around the island, including three in Rodrigues. All centres are attached to international organisations and offer training and diplomas valid all over the world. The two most recognised schools being PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities). Centres and professionals grouped in the federation offer compulsory licenses and insurance is chargeable individually.

A decompression chamber is located in Victoria Candos Hospital near Quatre Bornes. It is operated by highly qualified doctors. If an incident occurs after a dive, notify the club you were hosted by or contact the MSDA directly.

Dive Centre Safety Standard Particulars

  • PADI IDC Gold Palm Resort
  • Affiliated with the Mauritius Scuba Diving Association
  • All staff are Emergency First Responders / CPR providers
  • All Dive Boats and Dive Centres are equipped with Oxygen Kit and are conspicuously marked and easy to access
  • Air Compressor maintained by authorised body / filters changed to new, not refilled as per manufacturer requirement
  • Equipment serviced annually
  • Emergency contact details available on board – with Communication via VHF or Mobile phones for prompt response
  • Specialised Diving Medical practitioners available for eventual Medical Certificate.

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