Dive Spots Mauritius

North West - Balaclava

Azuma Maru (No. 1), Artificial Wreck – 33 metres

Sunk on purpose in 1999, Azuma Maru was once an old fishing boat. After being deemed unusable for fishing campaigns, it was recovered by the Mauritius marine Conservation Society (MMCS) and was sunk to create an artificial reef. Although reserved for the most experienced divers, it offers an excellent example, if proof was needed, of the success of artificial reefs.

Poison reef (No.2), 16 – 26 metres

Next to The Cave, 2 reef patches surrounding the main reef at the entrance of the Turtle bay lies Poison Reef. Rest assured, the name was given due to the large amount of scorpion fishes. Let our experienced eyes guide you around for you to be amazed by their camouflage abilities!

Chilli Drop , 5 – 12 metres

Chilli Drop gets it's name for a small drop from 5 metres to 12 metres and follows the coast along Pointe Aux Piments village. You will see a wide variety of tropical reef fishes, in a colourful display of soft and hard corals. Sting rays and turtles are often seen.  A favourite spot for night diving for the Spanish dancers.

Rose Garden,  34 – 45 meters

As it’s name suggests, huge ‘Rose’ like corals EVERYWHERE! For most divers who had the chance to dive there with us, this place is unique, with just one type of Coral covering the sea bed. Usual giant Kingfishes, the occasional grey reef shark..this is a once in a lifetime place to dive for every diver!

Kindergarten: 16 meters

Very small patch of reef lost in the middle of the sandy bottom, as for any ‘Kindergarten’, reef fjuvenile fish tend to populate this patch of coral. Anemones with clown fish and several different types of moray eels are also present. This site is also prone to predators such as Lion fish, Scorpion fish, and lizard fish and therefore provides an excellent dive for underwater photography. Between November to February, there are also frog fish, and most famously the Ghost pipe fish. This is also a favourite for nudibranches.

North West – Trou Aux Biches

Coral garden Trou Aux Biches,  20 metres

The place to see the widest variety of hard corals.An easy and casual dive where a wide range of corals are present, bringing a rich diversity of the tropical reef fishes. Stingrays are frequently on the site, and often dolphins are seen on the surface.

Emily & Waterlilly Ship Wrecks,  25 metres

These are the very first 2 wrecks to be sunk as part of the artificial reefs program. These 2 previously water tankers used in the harbour to replenish the water supply to ships too big to reach the harbour. They were both stacked up with old truck tyres to facilitate their sinking, and now these tyres are scattered around the 2 barges and are home to various species of moray eels, in particular, to a very friendly Mustard Mouth Moray eel, King fishes are always present, with huge schools of blue stripped yellow snappers, torpedo rays, a large amount of lion fishes, blue fin surgeon fishes and many more... Excellent for Underwater photography.

Stella Maru Ship Wreck, 24 metres

After Emily & Waterlilly, Stella Maru was to be a home for aquatic life. Previousy a Japanese fishing boat, 43 metres long, this wreck lies right on the reef slope and therefore offers diving opportunities to a wider range of divers. The shallowest depth is 15 metres. Huge friendly Japanese moray eel, titan triggerfish, octopus, barracudas,  and different frog fishes can be found to name but a few...

Aquarium , 13 – 20 metres max

As its name indicates, a real ballet of multiple tropical fishes. Accessible to all. Once initiated here, beginners  can open their account with this dive.

Corsair Wall Drop off, 30 – 64 metres max

Superb drop off, exclusive to the experienced divers, the wall is home to bull sharks, black tips, and a school of barracudas.

Maxime’s Rock Reef, 9 – 14 metres

Ideal for successive dives, due to the shallow water and the wide choice of tropical fishes, between the barracudas which come to relieve themselves and the octopuses in constant search for molluscs, the variety of the site will dazzle you.

Caravelle Reef, 16 – 27 metres

Welcome to the Circus, as we like to call it! There are around 200 batfishes swimming together. That’s a wall of fish! Bat fish will follow you all around the dive and will show you the way to Barracudas, schools of king fish, the occasional white tip reef sharks and eagle rays.

Whale rock, 28 metres

The huge boulders just off the reef drop gives this site a distinctive bottom contour. Green turtles are frequent, as are white tip reef sharks, and hundreds of whip corals. Excellent drift dive.

Lost Anchor  30 metres

One of the best places in the world to view the grace of Sea fans in a mild current! An ancient anchor gives this site a touch of history...

North Islands Safari Dives

Two Caves Gunner’s Quoin, 25 metres

Follow the Island’s wall down underwater, revealing two caves, at 12 metres depth, one of which can be penetrated depending on diving conditions, and which will give you access ‘inside’ the island… Sea Fans create a beautiful ballet at the entrance and lobsters fills in the beaten cavities along the walls. There are Dog tooth Tuna, Turtles, and  rays amongst others.

Djabeda Ship wreck34 metres

One of the most beautiful wrecks, without a doubt! There are old fishing nets still hanging from the decks, and the top cabin offers some great opportunities for wreck penetration. There is Tuna, schools of Blue stripped yellow snappers, and emperor angelfish.

Confetti Bay Coral reef, 15 metres

Thanks to its remote location, corals have ‘overgrown’ and become home to all kinds of tropical reef fish. Turtles, Rays, Titan trigger fish, and nudibranch.

Rempart Charpentier, 24 metres

For those looking for some additional excitement, experience the power of drift diving through underwater caves, and expect something big at any time!

Pigeon’s Rock (Sharks Point), 25 metres

In the past, this site was famous all over the world for its ‘Pit’ like cave where a huge amount of reef sharks and Barracudas used to hang around at the cleaning station. Although sharks are spotted only occasionally nowadays, the site still offers some fantastic encounters with schools of King fish, tuna, and turtles. A dive not to miss!!

Round Island / Serpent Island: Exclusive to Experienced divers

Banc Rouge wall, 64 metres

Divers can hang at around 30 metres and still enjoy the view all the way down, and thanks to its multilevel properties, dive time can be extended to enjoy corals the likes of which you have never seen before!

Shark’s Pit, 16 metres

Only accessible depending on conditions, mainly between November to April, due to strong sea and currents, this extremely remote dive site will make shiver run down your spine! You will have very close encounters with white tips, black tips, and reef sharks, enjoying the oxygen rich waters!!

Blinders , 25 metres

Pinnacle protruding next to Round Island, this reef, with canyon like topography will take you on an exhilarating underwater adventure! You will see sharks, turtles, and king fish among others.

East Coast

La Passe Belle Mare / la Passe Dupuis, 17 metres

If you think you’ve dived it all, then think again! Starting inside the lagoon at 6 metres, you will have no other option than to let yourself get carried away by the drift taking you through the barrier reef and into the open seas. On the way, meet Leon, a 2 metre long great Barracuda, guarding the entrance of the breach into the reef. Catch your breath in the first ‘ pool’ and enjoy giant king fish brushing along you while schools of Eagle rays gracefully drift into the stream-like current. Once you’ve caught your breath, join in the current again before landing in the second ‘pool’ and disappear amongst a huge school of kingfish. Occasionally, a white tipped reef shark will sneak through before you literally get thrown out into the open sea amongst a school of small barracudas! THE drift dive!

Sea Fan Valley / Forest, 35 metres

Covering the sides of the reef stretch are huge sea fans which seem to compete for the drifting plankton. The usual ballet of the rich fish life creates an aquarium like condition. Don’t forget your underwater camera!

Long Cliff, 12 – 29 metres

A coral reef offering a long extensive bottom time, cruise amongst the sea fans, watch Nemo tapping its eggs around the tentacles of the Anemone, watch the sting rays scanning the bottom for potential food. Everybody’s favourite!

Japanese Garden, 12 – 22 metres

Truly deserving of the name, there are channels through the different segments of the reef,  and time will feel endless. Mind blowing coral reef.


Cathedral, 14 – 29 metres

A legendary dive! You will come over the edge of the shallow reef, drop down along the wall, come round a huge boulder and reach the entrance of the Cathedral. Swim through the cave and out of the wide mouth under the undisturbed presence of school of big-eyed squirrel fish, goat fish and Moorish idols.

Kai Sei 113, 33 metres

Artificial Ship Wreck – exclusive to experienced divers. The marine life have accepted this gift and have populated it abundantly. Dolphins are often seen on the surface.

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