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This mini portal for scuba diving is owned and operated by Lolotte Rental & Tours (LRT), a local tour operator specialising in sustainable tourism and eco adventures. LRT seeks to give travellers a unique and authentic Mauritius Island experience, which includes encouraging visitors to experience Mauritius and Rodrigues exceptional marine environment.

LRT is a local tour operator company that embraces Sustainable Tourism and we have teamed up with WHL.travel Group, as your local connection in Mauritius and Rodrigues to provide an unforgettable holiday with a difference.

This lead to the idea of introducing the concept of “Mauritius Differently”, to encourage you to experience not only “The Real Mauritius”, but to also spice up your island vacation with some eco adventure tours such as: diving, hiking, skydiving, and sea kayaking, as well as cultural activities such as visiting the dance studio “Art Academy” or meeting up with a SEGA singer “Frico”!

We also recommend splitting up your stay to try out some of the alternative accommodation available that includes lodges, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and holiday rentals.

We have created these specialised mini portals as we would like visitors and holidaymakers to take more interest in the natural and historical sights of Mauritius and Rodrigues as well as explore the multicultural population of these special tropical islands,

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