Limousine service Wedding Mauritius

Seamless Transportation

Make transportation an integral part of your immersive holiday experience, ensuring that every moment of your trip will be memories that you bring home. LRT paves the way for a sustainable and pleasant journey filled with laughter, knowledge and personal growth.

Transport options for immersion

To enhance convenience, airport transfers provide seamless transportation from your arrival at the destination to your hotel’s doorstep, leaving you in the good hands of the welcoming staff.

For a group tour, opt for a minibus or a coaster offering facilities as air conditioner, large windows, luggage storage and spacious interior for a comfortable travel.

Punctuality is essential even when travelling for business. Transport can be provided for business travellers to attend business meetings and events on time.

For visitors who favour exploration, interhotel transfer is an ideal option for you to seamlessly move from one accommodation to another.

LRT offers various transport options for your convenience.

  • Airport Transfer with assistance
  • Interhotel Transfer
  • Transfer to business meetings and events
  • Limousine with private chauffeur
  • Minibus with guide for a group of 10 for comfort
  • 24 seater Coaches with guide (only up to 22 seats used to prioritise comfort and sustainability as LRT avoids mass tourism)

To establish trust and safety, we will assign you the same dedicated driver and guide throughout your stay.

Good to know
What can be expected in Coaches? Quality service and unique experiences on the road.
  • Comfortable seating
  • Water Bottles
  • Air-conditioning
  • Knowledgeable guide
  • Radio station
How can you enhance the travel? Quality service and unique experiences on the road.
  • Listen to local music on the radio and try singing along.
  • Have mint sweets to reduce motion sickness
  • Capture memories by taking pictures of the landscape
Travel at your own pace

To maximise your travel experience, renting a car can be a game-changer. It is a convenient and flexible way for you to discover the destination and create unique memories ! You are free to plan your own route, travel to off-the-beaten-path locations, and find hidden gems that may not be simple to reach by other means of transportation.

Making the most of your time while on vacation is another benefit of renting a car. You can efficiently move from one attraction to another, visit several places in a single day, and have the freedom to detour from the typical tourist routes. It gives you the power to customise your travel experience based on your interests and preferences, allowing for spontaneous adventures.

Travelling with your partner, your family or your friends? Or maybe you want to enjoy your own company on a picturesque drive. You can rent a car that caters to your specific requirements

Good to Know
Car Rental Options
  • Rent a 7 seater car, ideal for a group of friends, colleagues and family.
  • A compact sedan at your availability for a smooth travel
  • Book a luxury sedan for more comfort and ease
  • An automatic transmission vehicle can can make your road trip more enjoyable
Tips for a memorable road trip
  • Book in advance especially in peak travel seasons
  • Inspect the vehicle before taking off
  • Be aware of the destination’s traffic rules
  • Use your GPS or navigation on your smartphone and keep emergency contacts
  • Be flexible. Adjust your plans when encountering unexpected detours